Our Services

Spy Centre Security has been the premier security camera installers in the Dallas area for over 25 years. Our priority is knowing that your security camera equipment is installed cleanly, correctly, and that you're happy with the results. When we install for our clients, we don't leave until the client is comfortable with the look, feel, and a working knowledge of how his or her equipment operates. Whether you're looking for security cameras, access control, or GPS fleet tracking, we have the products and the local Dallas installation team to make your concept a reality.

Our Benefits

When our clients choose Spy Centre Security, they're choosing more than just a salesman and a technician. They're choosing a local Dallas security installation team who knows the equipment inside out. Not only do we install access control panels, security cameras, and GPS fleet tracking, but we also train our clients on their new equipment. Even after the installation is complete, we provide lifetime technical support so our customers feel assured they'll be supported throughout the lifespan of their security equipment.

  • Peace of Mind

    It's time to stop worrying about thieves. Now you can rest easy knowing you're secure.

  • 24/7 Video Recording

    Never miss a moment with Live View, video archives, and notifications to keep you aware and secured.

  • Event Driven Notifications

    Something happening after hours? Receive instant updates the moment an event occurs.

  • Easy, Secure Access

    Instantly access your system from anywhere in the world, any day of the year.

  • Dynamic Video Storage

    Save your data. Variable storage options available to suit your needs.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Bring your system to life with our custom system designers: We provide efficient solutions for complex problems!