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Dallas Home Security Camera Installers

Determining which doors and windows you want under surveillance is the easy part—what about choosing and installing those cameras? There’s no need to stress, because we’re here to help you. At Spy Centre Security we’ve been installing Dallas CCTV systems in both homes and businesses for over 25 years. For a list of referrals, we’d love for you to stop by our testimonials page and read some of the other satisfactory Dallas security camera installation jobs we’ve done over the years.

Home security installation can be a tricky and time consuming project for the DIY home owner. Home security is well worth the investment: homes with apparent security systems have much lower rates of breaking-and-entering than homes without security systems. At the same time, there are a lot of steps and components of setting up a home security system and you want to be certain all those pieces fit together and are working smoothly. That’s where Spy Center Security comes in.

Home owners might worry about losing control over their installation set up. At Spy Centre Security, we’re happy to help you put together a custom system that meets your security needs without anything extravagant. We know security cameras and we’ll show you the ones that are going to fit your expressed personal needs. Because you can pick and choose your system, you’re not stuck leaving a point of entry unobserved because you ran out of cameras in a prepackaged combo pack. Together, we combine your knowledge of your needs for your property with our equipment expertise to create the right system for you. You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for and can purchase with confidence that what you see in our stores is what you’ll get.

What Kind of Home Security Cameras Should I Look For?

For outside home security, it’s important to have the right camera for the right job. When installing a home security camera, we make certain the correct camera is being installed for the right purpose. Since heat is a factor here in the Dallas area, we want to make certain your outdoor security camera can tolerate the temperature fluctuations, the weather, and the dust. Thinking about installing cameras around your detached garage or a warehouse? We have a vandal proof option to keep your costs down while your surveillance stays strong. Our CCTV installers can make certain your outdoor security system is set up to either be discreet or obvious, depending on your preference, and all around our installers can make it difficult for vandals to vandalize your new security cameras.

Securing the inside of the home is just as important as outside. If you’re looking for a day camera, a night camera, or both, there are options available. We know how important home cleanliness can be, which is why our local installers are trained to be courteous, efficient, and professional. Obtrusive cables and unattached wires can be ugly and dangerous, and you don’t have to worry about those with our team on the job. We clean up and make certain your system is safe and in perfect working order.

Our video door bells are an excellent addition to your home security system. When someone rings the doorbell you can see exactly who is on your doorstep and even communicate with them through the two-way intercom system, regardless of whether you’re home or not. Let the delivery person know exactly where to leave your Amazon order so it stays hidden until you get home. Video door bells are a huge value to your home ownership, but installation can be intimidating, so let our local team of Dallas security camera installers take care of that for you.

Home protection doesn’t start or stop with security cameras. In addition to being the premier choice for Dallas CCTV systems, we also carry window alerts, door alarms, door jammers, and more to increase your home security measures for those remote sections of your property. Motion sensors can activate a flood light, begin video recording, or sound an alarm to keep your property surveyed.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Dedicated Installation Team

There are a few benefits for hiring professional security camera installers:

Professional Installation is Easy: Typically, the only work you’ll need to do is make certain our Dallas security camera installers can get to work, and be available so we can walk you through your new security equipment. This means you can sit back and relax while we run the cables and mount the equipment.

Professional Installation is Quick: Installing a home security system yourself can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if you have to mount an outdoor camera to brick siding. Before you know it, the installation project has quickly eaten up the majority of your weekend hours. Our installation technicians have the tools and know-how to mount equipment and run the cables so that your home security system is up and running in no time!

Technical Support is a Guarantee: It’s important to us at Spy Centre Security that you know and understand your equipment. We also want your equipment to always be working for you. That’s why we offer lifetime support on our installation jobs, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll know exactly how your system works.

Back Up Your Information: There are multiple ways to save your security footage, and we’re happy to share all those methods with you. From cloud storage to backing up on a hard drive, we can set up your security video footage the way you want to.