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Dallas CCTV Installers: Retail Security

Security cameras are not only about safety and surveillance anymore. With today’s technology, you can utilize your retail store security cameras to help you make more money. At Spy Centre Security, we understand the importance of retail surveillance, and we want you to enjoy all the benefits a professional security system installation can provide:

Loss Prevention

The most common utilization for retail security cameras is loss prevention. With strategically placed cameras, businesses can keep an eye on their store to identify theft, deter criminal activity, or identify suspects. Our professional security camera installers work with you to make certain your entrances and exits are covered, aisles are clearly visible, and your cash register is in view. Preventing theft of product and money helps keep your profit margins high and costs low.

Understand How Customers Shop

We’ve all given in to passive suggestive selling. You’ve done it—you’re standing in line at the checkout and you glance at something you forgot you needed and you throw it on the counter at the last minute. Or perhaps your sweet tooth hit. Or you just realized you were parched and had to have that chilled beverage. That’s crafty product placement, and businesses aren’t just using that method at the check-out line. Through analyzing security video feed, they’re strategically placing products all over the store.

By using retail security cameras, business owners can identify the natural path customers take through brick-and-mortar locations. By tracking the foot traffic and finding the most common paths customers take, businesses have moved product placement displays directly in the path of their customers. This has a proven record of increasing sales and turning product.

If you don’t have time to analyze the foot traffic patterns yourself, we can help you choose a camera with the software (or is compatible with software) to do this work for you! In addition to installing security camera systems, we make certain those systems are working the way you want them to, including optimizing features such as this. You’ll be amazed at what it will do for your sales.

Video Search

If you need to go back to watch video from a certain time frame, we can help you choose cameras that will support search functions. You can quickly search by time and date, or you can configure your security camera system to bookmark particular events that occur. When you need to search your video feed quickly because a customer is waiting on you, this is when having quality equipment counts. We’ll make certain you have the right equipment to address your needs.

Video Storage

For those looking to purchase a security system–or upgrade an existing system–a big concern is how does one store so much video? Backing up data to a server is a common choice, but even that gets expensive fast. Retailers will typically set up their systems to only save video footage when certain events happen, such as when someone comes through the door, or if there is movement in a usually quiet part of the store. That cuts out a lot of unnecessary and useless video footage and saves businesses big bucks! Our installers can help make certain you’re trained on your equipment so you know how to activate these settings and save yourself money.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Retailers can get the most out of their security system with a PTZ camera, also known as pan-tilt-zoom. Some retailers like the physical camera to be mechanically controlled to change direction of the lens or perform an optical zoom which maintains the quality of the image. These security cameras are excellent resources for when precise, detailed quality counts, but they are often very expensive. Most retailers only need a camera with ePTZ: electronic pan-tilt-zoom. Cameras with ePTZ are much more affordable because all of the PTZ features are done through the camera software. Usually, an ePTZ camera is a stationary camera strategically placed (we can help with finding that ideal spot) that has a wide angle lens, and the camera software compensates for any distortion a wide angle lens might cause during the video processing. That means you can set up your security system to display a panoramic view, and then use ePTZ to zoom in and move around the image as you need.

Video Doorbell

Running a one-manned shop and need a bit of security for foot traffic? We have that covered. With video doorbells, you can see who is at your office door and even talk to your visitor over a two-way intercom, either letting them know you’ve stepped out of the office or to tell them you’ll buzz them in. Our installers take care of every aspect of the set up so you know your security system is going to work right.

Watch Your Business from Anywhere

Naturally, we save the best for last: Spy Centre Security can help you find the right camera that comes with a smart phone app so you can check in on your business from anywhere. Whether you’ve stopped out for lunch or are vacationing in the Caribbean, Spy Centre Security can help you find the camera that works for your retail business and can be viewed easily from your phone or computer browser.

This can be a big decision, and you want reliable, trustworthy security camera installers for the job. We agree, and we’d love it if you’d stop by our customer testimonials page to read what they have to say about their Spy Centre Security experience.