Upgrading Existing Systems


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Upgrading the equipment on your old alarm system is a great way to save money! Spy Centre Security is always happy to work with customers who need to expand their preexisting security system or simply replace a few pieces.

Expanding Your Existing Security System

There can be a few reasons as to why you’d want to expand your security system. As we mentioned, sometimes customers want to physically expand their security system’s reach. The usual case is a business has obtained more land, such as the lease on the unit next door, so the business expands, it needs to add on new cameras or upgrade their Network Video Recorder. Perhaps the business has grown to capacity in their current location and needs to expand to additional brick-and-mortar locations, so they want to integrate more retail security applications. Perhaps a remote section of the property needs to be under better surveillance. Whatever the case, Spy Centre Security is happy to add to the existing system and help you find cameras and equipment to integrate into the old security system.

Upgrading Your Existing Security System

As mentioned, integrating additional cameras and other security components might require upgrades to the recording equipment or power supplies. Don’t worry about tackling these issues alone; our team is familiar with the requirements your newly expanded system will need, and we make a point to communicate the necessities during the early stages of the planning process. One of the biggest benefits of going with a professional security installer is you can rely on our experience and expertise to alert you to issues or problems that could come up down the road so they can be addressed early. That way your security system has as little downtime as possible, and you can be up and running again in no time.

Updating Components of Your Existing Security System

Another common reason for upgrading existing systems is your needs have changed since the initial installation. Spy Centre Security has been around for over 25 years, so you can bet we’re familiar with all kinds of camera equipment, regardless who was in the Oval Office when the security camera system went in. We understand that sometimes equipment wears out and fails, or cables begin to experience problems, or possibly your needs now exceed the processing power of your camera system. Maybe the first installation wasn’t done properly, or the system could have been installed better. We’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help. Whether you need one piece replaced or all of it, Spy Centre Security will dedicate the time and care to helping you find the equipment that retrofits to your system, or addresses your new needs.

Entirely Replacing Your Existing Security System

Sometimes, worst comes to worst and it’s time to completely replace your security cameras. The old coax cable needs to be replaced with Cat5 and the analog cameras needs to be replaced with network cameras. Spy Centre Security is here to listen to what you want to do and help you choose the cameras and equipment that is best going to deliver those results you want. We’ll help you find a customized solution to your security needs. Our expertise and years in the business have given us the tools and skills necessarily to switch your system quickly with as little down time as possible.