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Dallas Warehouse Security and Logistics

Inventory loss is a common and expensive problem that faces both warehouses and trucking fleets. While no one action in particular can completely prevent inventory loss, putting security systems in place can greatly reduce the chances of it happening. That’s why investing in security cameras for your Dallas area warehouse or truck yard is a great business practice. Spy Centre Security’s security camera installers are well equipped for warehouse security system installations and GPS Fleet Tracking installations.

Outfitting your warehouse and loading docks with security cameras might come across to your employees as distrustful, but rest assured, there are many reasons as to why you want to install security cameras on your warehouse premises:

Insurance: Having a proper security system in place gives insurance companies faith when they take you on as a client. As mentioned, nothing can completely deter theft, but surveillance systems are a great starting point to make any dishonest employees or truck drivers with sticky fingers think twice before stealing inventory. It’s less likely you’ll be filing an insurance claim if a security system is installed.

Safety: Tying this in with insurance, security surveillance systems helps you keep a better eye on the warehouse safety measures that are being followed by employees and non-employees. It’s also easier to identify if merchandise is perched dangerously on a shelf, identify pathways that are cause for concern, and many other means that aren’t necessarily visible from the ground floor.

Security: This is an obvious one, but important nonetheless. Warehouses are huge buildings that often have multiple means of entry that go unmanned more often than not. Same with sprawling truck yards. These are prime places for a dishonest employee to leave a door unlocked and coordinate with an external force to grab some inventory. Keep security cameras trained on these loading docks and doors, and set alarms to sound when less used exits are opened. Having even stationary, cheap security cameras trained on each exit can help you recover stolen merchandise quickly.

Productivity: Naturally, when security cameras are installed, you’ll catch employees who are slacking on the job, but more importantly, a bird’s eye surveillance view of your warehouse can often reveal practices in place that actually undermine productivity. Video footage lets managers step back from being so involved in the everyday run of the mill to see the bigger picture of how the warehouse floor and loading docks are actually running, and can determine better streamlined procedures or cut out unnecessary processes.

Employee/Non-Employee Theft: Of course, there is always this possibility. The most common reason for inventory loss is due to employee theft, or conspiring with someone on the outside. By installing security cameras to focus on loading docks and other exits, it’s easier to identify extra inventory getting shipped out unaccounted for, or see if product is being stashed by dumpsters for an afterhours pick up, or a variety of other creative reasons someone might try to steal from the warehouse. It’s also not common to think about placing surveillance along the path to the restrooms or trucker’s lounge, but these pathways are easy places for non-employees to grab items without being seen. The mere presence of security cameras will most likely deter a disgruntled employee from stepping over that line, or make a truck driver think again before loading hot merchandise.

GPS Tracking: This one is often forgotten, but it is very useful. Companies who have their own fleets can install GPS tracking as a means of preventing inventory loss. Through GPS tracking, companies can watch the routes their truckers take and make certain they aren’t deviating off the best possible route. Oftentimes, stolen trucks and cargo are recovered more quickly and in one piece rather than trucks that aren’t tracked. GPS tracking is a great way to prevent a trucker from driving into bad weather, deterring the driver from unnecessary traffic, and assuring their safety overall.

If you’re looking to outfit your Texas warehouse, or even expand your existing system, we at Spy Centre Security are happy to talk to you about securing your premises.